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Air pollution is becoming a bigger and bigger issue inside the workplace and in homes across London. In some cases indoor air is found to be 50% more polluted than outdoor air.

Despite what you may think, indoor air pollution is even more of an issue in new buildings, as due to the improved air tightness, which increases thermo efficiency, any pollutants have a harder job escaping. As a result the air quality will deteriorate over time and, in turn, affect the health and well-being of employees inside the workplace.

This can cause various health issues as well as aggravating existing conditions such as:

  • Asthma
  • Strokes
  • Allergies

Moreover poor air quality inside the workplace has a negative effect on employee productivity and morale. Causing your staff members to fatigue more quickly and generally being less able to perform for your business. Sickness is also an issue with highly polluted air increasing the chances of employees becoming ill.

Ventilation experts at ACS

At ACS we have numerous qualified members of staff that can help plan an effective ventilation strategy to ensure cleaned, fresh air is always brought into your place of work while giving the older more polluted air somewhere to go.

Having a good standard of ventilation in place in the office will help to swiftly and effectively remove harmful pollutants. Which in turn will improve the health, well-being and productivity and concentration levels of your work force. 

Whether you require as simple extortion process, HVAC or Air Source Heat Pump installation we can manage your project from start to finish. Get in touch with ACS today for a breath of fresh air.

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